From ever water supply will depend on the comfort of living in the country or in the house. In order that the system worked smoothly throughout the year, you should protect it from freezing. The most simple and effective way is the laying of a pipeline depth, which is much below the level of soil freezing. If you use well, to protect it from freezing can adapter borehole.

Why the need for an adapter

Adapter borehole: what is needed, installation, reviews

The above mentioned invention is relatively new, it is used to output water pipes through the casing. The main feature of this adapter is that it can be used to withdraw pipe is much below the level of soil freezing, and the connection will remain absolutely airtight.

The design is quite simple, it has two parts, one of which is located on the casing, while the other is installed on the pipe, which is fixed the pump. As soon as the equipment is immersed in water, both nodes in the adapter are connected to each other by the grip. Rubber ring, reinforced removable part, ensures a tight seal.

Consumer reviews

Adapter borehole is gradually replacing the caisson, which until recently was effective and the only method of arrangement of wells. However, according to buyers, it had one drawback, which is expressed in difficulties of installation. The modern solution is an adapter. Most people in the America and Europe prefer to him, due to the many benefits.

The main advantages of the adapters consumers believe:

  • affordable cost;
  • long life
  • reliability
  • aesthetics
  • easy repair and maintenance
  • ease of use and installation
  • possibility of permanent installation
  • the ability to fit into any landscape design.

The downhole adapter made of brass, therefore, according to consumers, there is no need to worry about that it will be damaged. Corrosion this material is not exposed. As emphasized by the user, the adapter completely blends with the landscape, enemies can't steal it in the time of absence from the site owners. It is such a nuisance quite often face massive caissons.

The arrangement of the well with the adapter

The arrangement of wells when the adapter is used, involves the use of several nodes. Among others will need 3-inch pump. It is not necessary to purchase the equipment of large size, as it will not fit into a standard diameter hole.

Will need brass connecting nipple, which is required for transition from the reverse valve to the discharge nozzle of the pump. Usually submersible pumps have a check valve, but it is made of plastic. So you should buy brass check valve with metal seat. After set brass compression coupling which will need to transition from the external diameter of the threaded connection.

The arrangement of the well with the adapter on the other end of the standpipe installation requires a brass compression coupling. You should screw it threaded in the inner part of the adapter that is installed in casing pipe. The adapter must be placed on the pipe below the frost line of the soil. If we are talking about in Krasnoyarsk, this parameter is 2.5 m. In the second part of the adapter to the compression coupling is a supply pipe that leads into the house. At the mouth of the borehole is the borehole cap, it should be a weatherproof box for electric cable and pump.

For water purification from mechanical impurities before the control unit should be placed compromisei filter with pressure gauge. The latter will perform a watchdog role over the degree of pollution of the filter. The control unit need to connect pressure switches, pressure gauge, pressure tank and access to the wiring, water in the house.

When the adapter is installed downhole, the pressure switch should be set the operation of the pump. It is important to set the maximum and minimum pressure in the water system. The accumulator is needed to protect against drops in air pressure, it will reduce the number of cycles off and on pump usage. Ball valve is installed before the wiring, water in the house. And to the power supply, you should connect the heating cable and a pressure switch.

Features mounting pitless adapter

To install the adapter, you need to dig up casing to desired depth. Then a hole of the required diameter. Installed the main part of the adapter, and then cover for the well. A water pipe attached, and then comes the turn of the reciprocal of the adapter with the hose. The pump is lowered into the well, after the mating of the adapter.

Installation of the main part

The downhole adapter, the installation of which can be done by you independently, is used in conjunction with a bimetallic mill. The diameter of the crown should be equal to the diameter of the adapter. The next stage in the tube is lowered a corresponding portion of the adapter, it is introduced into the hole and attach the crimp ring. The seals are installed from inside or outside. Parts should be tightened with a wrench. Water pipe fixed to the outside of the device by a threaded connection, which is strengthened.

Reviews of Baker adapter with a diameter of 1 inch

Borehole adapter Baker is chosen by consumers today for many reasons, among others should highlight the protection of the mine from freezing and admission of groundwater. Buyers especially emphasize that such adapters are cheaper in comparison with the caisson. Rates differ by several orders of magnitude. To install this equipment is quite simple, what also distinguishes the element from the construction of the caisson.

This borehole adapter, which reviews are the most positive, can be set even if the homeowner has a minimal knowledge in installation work and plumbing. As for the caisson to install it is difficult, because you need to be familiar with the technologies of drainage, waterproofing and concreting.

The described borehole adapter (1 inch) can be purchased at a price of 4500 RUB Consumers like that in conjunction with the device, you can use the suction tube from the water stations, if water abstraction is carried out from the well, the depth of which does not exceed 8 m.


If you set the downhole adapter, it will relieve the owner of the site from construction of the caisson. The latter option is also capable of protecting the mine from freezing and groundwater, but the adapter is much cheaper, and installing it is easier. However, even in this case, you must follow certain rules. For example, the submersible pump must be removed from the bottom of the wells by 0.5 m or more.