Perhaps no camping is complete without fishing. For some, it is business of life, but some just prefer to relax this way, immersed in their thoughts, and leaving all the routine and bustle of the city behind. To hold the bait in the hope of success, sought even by those who do this and not understand anything. After all, as it is considered that beginners in this case very lucky. And certainly the first fish caught no one will ever be able to forget.

And you also wonder what number day of the fisherman?

It turns out that the profession of fisherman is not only rooted in the distant past, but also has its own separate holiday, and remarkably, not even one. This informative article will tell you what number day of the fisherman, and went from the celebration, what are traditions and other subtleties of this craft.

A passion for life

Anticipation about an upcoming event, say, perhaps, all men. Though initially this festival was designed exclusively for workers when it is accepted among the Aesir such things to get together for a little competitive contests on the banks of the rivers, fans simply could not afford to stay away. Therefore, at present the holiday is rapidly gaining popularity among the General population and professionals certainly know a number of fisherman's Day.

No wonder it is carried out in the midst of the summer season, there is nothing nicer than warm weather to spend the day surrounded by like-minded people, under the sonorous songs around the campfire, eating delicious nourishing soup or roasted fish on coals. Traditionally in most regions, with scale mark the event, arranging all kinds of contests and competitions, because since ancient times, fishing is a massive passion of all mankind.

How it all began?

This festival owes its birth to the widespread development of fisheries in the USSR. The great number of reservoirs in the territory of the Soviet Union allowed the industry to take the lead. The government actively fought against poaching, promoting the enormous advantages and potential in the fishing profession. Therefore, to raise the rating it was decided to combine Amateurs and professionals. So, by the decree of the Presidium in 1968, it was established that the second Sunday of July will be the Day of the fisherman.

Today on the territory of the former Soviet Union this holiday is also popular. For example, marks the fisherman's Day Ukraine. What day is a holiday is not difficult to guess.

His goal is to preserve and increase the fish wealth of our planet, because no resource on Earth is durable, without the necessary care and protection.

How to mark?

Though residents of the North and argue that the celebration began a few years earlier, does not matter what day of the fisherman. Glad that this holiday, after many years, it has not disappeared, but on the contrary became even more popular among the fair sex. If earlier events were held exclusively for work, but now it's more of a family holiday. It decided to participate, even children, which provides a variety of competitive programs and games. Fireworks give even greater meaning to such events.

You can also be happy to compete in sea battles, and in catching the smallest or biggest fish. Some cities even have great performances of sailing frigates and cruising yachts.

If you know a number of fisherman's Day in Russia, we are happy to be able to see how the professionals taking gear, will show mastery of their craft. Mainly next all celebrations go into making great soup. Who, if not the fishermen know the true pleasure of nourishing soup cooked on the bonfire.

Fishing dreams

For a fisherman, of course, there are some unique and different places in Russia, where he wants to go fishing. Unsurpassed Valday, fascinating Karelia, rapid Cupid, mysterious Kamchatka is a dream to throw there bait. And it does not care what time of year and especially a number of holiday fisherman's Day, such places will always attract real connoisseurs of fishing.

Only true fans of this craft can spend hours watching the float, sneaking through the wilds of reeds and winter frosts, looking forward to their “tail” trophy.

What to give?

If there are connoisseurs of this hobby in your family or among friends, be sure to congratulate them.

Now offers a variety of gifts, humorous gifts, or just humorous cards. Doesn't have to know a number of fisherman's Day, in the bustle of routine cases you can just surprise your loved ones.

Doubly celebrated

Fans of this hunt can boast of and the second occasion is the world day of the fisherman. What date was just adopted is not known, but since 1985 it is celebrated on June 27 in most countries of the Earth. After all, fishing from the earliest times to feed the person, only later on becoming a fascinating hobby for many.

Safely and you join so exciting venture. Even if you are not keen on fishing, strongly recommend that you visit with a fishing rod near a river or lake. Well-rested in the nature and spending the whole day in the fresh air, you will feel revitalised.