Soon the holidays, it's time to put yourself in order. And the first thing you should pay attention to is a figure. Immediately the question arises: which diet to choose? Not so simple, although a variety of diets great. But one is very strict, the second is too simple, and the third is very costly in finance. It is very difficult to choose. If you have not yet decided, try “5 tablespoons”. The diet is very effective and harmless.

5 tablespoons (diet): menu, results, reviews thinner

Proper nutrition

So called this diet. Often we hear: do not overeat. Do not eat too much, control yourself is very difficult. But if you learn that the volume of the portion of food consumed should not exceed five tablespoons, you look at your weight loss quite differently. According to the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, weight reduction is more effective if you do not give up some products, but simply reduce the amount of food ingested in the stomach at a time.

A great way to lose weight is the diet “5 tablespoons”. Reviews of the beautiful half of humanity testify to this. They say that this amount of food is enough to replenish energy and satisfy hunger. Although the first few days I want to grab an extra piece, but over time, the stomach becomes smaller and hunger disappears. Five tablespoons - one hundred and fifty grams of food. It is they who help the body lose weight without any additional costs.

The essence of losing weight

What do those who lose weight on the diet “5 tablespoons” say? The essence of the technique lies in the strict control of servings and a balanced diet. Digestible healthy food is used in limited quantities, not more than five tablespoons.

In order for the results not to wait long, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • eat every three hours;
  • single portion should be no more than one hundred and fifty grams;
  • any liquid — tea, coffee, and so on — is consumed separately from the main meal, otherwise the amount will be more than five spoons, and the stomach will stretch;
  • it is forbidden to drink sweet carbonated drinks, juices;
  • products choose at your discretion;
  • weigh solid foods before use;
  • do the same with fruits and vegetables;
  • in order to reduce appetite, reduce the amount of salt.

This is the essence of the method, the essence of proper nutrition. Such is the diet "5 tablespoons." Reviews of those who have lost weight, suggest that still have to show willpower. The first three or four days you will want to eat strongly, you have to endure.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

This method of weight loss is currently considered one of the most effective. Thanks to him, a person learns not to overeat, he changes his eating habits. You can stick to a diet for a very long time, besides it is not necessary to drink vitamins. All the necessary substances in the body come along with fresh fruit and fresh juices.

Like all other ways to lose weight, “5 tablespoons” - a diet that has its advantages and disadvantages. The first are: accessibility, efficacy, safety, the ability to eat sweet and fried foods. In addition, there is a decrease in the stomach, and with proper nutrition in the future, the departed kilograms do not return back.

Now let's talk about the shortcomings:

  • a few days there is a strong feeling of hunger;
  • there are problems with the stool, try not to use laxative, it is best to add two tablespoons of oat bran to the menu;
  • there is no clear menu, losing weight can choose what to eat - this is why sweet teeth often break down.


The organism of each person is individual. And how much weight goes, depends on the person. If you adopted the “5 tablespoons” diet, its result and effectiveness depend only on you. The impact is not only the amount of food consumed at one time, but also what products were selected. Those who have not changed their taste preferences will lose weight more slowly.

How to lose weight correctly

It is good to control portions, but as mentioned above, it is necessary to monitor a little what products are included in your diet. Weight will not go away quickly if your meal consists of a large amount of sweet and fried. “5 tablespoons” is a diet based on the food pyramid, which looks like this:

  • One, two servings of sweets per week.
  • No more than two servings of alcohol in seven days, but those who want to lose weight, it is desirable not to use it at all.
  • Two or three servings of animal fats per week (butter, lard, caviar and yolks).
  • Cereals and legumes can be from fourteen servings or more per week.
  • From thirty-five servings and more vegetables and fruits are allowed per week.
  • Be sure to in the diet should include seven sources of protein (meat, fish and seafood).
  • Low-fat dairy products no more than seven servings per week.
  • Vegetable fat is also not more than seven servings. A serving is one tablespoon or thirty grams of nuts.

How to follow

If you use the diet “5 tablespoons”, the results for the month will satisfy you only if you stick to the food pyramid. You have already learned what its meaning is, and now let's move on to how to use it correctly.

Combining portions with spoons is very easy. Use sweets twice a week, at one time no more than two hundred grams. Regular food measure spoons. If we talk about soups, porridges, salads, then everything is simple, but if you talk about meat, fish, side dish, you will have to count. On this occasion, you can listen to reviews thinner. They advise to do the following - measure everything in the ratio: two spoons of meat dish, one and a half spoonful of side dish with fats, one and a half spoonful of vegetable salad.

Eating a high-calorie meal, remember that you have to manage two or three servings per week. As snacks, you can use fruits, vegetables, berries. In order for the metabolic processes in the body to be better and the process of losing weight flowed more efficiently, give up sugar, a large amount of fat. Cook steamed food better or cook it. Less prefer frying. And of course, include in the diet plenty of vegetables and fruits. Here are the rules of the diet "5 tablespoons."

Go to the menu: Monday-Wednesday

No one forces you to strictly adhere to it, but it will help to prevent serious mistakes in planning a meal for a week.

  • Breakfast - oatmeal cooked in water, small pieces of apple and a cup of cocoa.
  • The second breakfast - bananas, their weight should be no more than one hundred and fifty grams.
  • Lunch - salad, which consists of: kiwi, banana, apple, it is filled with yogurt without additives.
  • Lunch is a stew of carrots, cabbage, onions, peppers, potatoes, dressed with sour cream.
  • Dinner - yogurt with dried apricots, low-fat.
  • Breakfast - rice porridge on skim milk, plus butter and kefir.
  • The second breakfast - milk, cereal (weight - not more than one hundred and fifty grams).
  • Lunch - steamed beef patty, in addition to it spaghetti and tea.
  • Safe, - salad from carrot with cheese.
  • Dinner - salad of any fruit and decoction of prunes.
  • Before bed - juice from grapefruit.
  • Breakfast - scrambled eggs made from eggs, nonfat milk, tomatoes and cheese plus yogurt.
  • The second breakfast - a smoked sausage sandwich, tomatoes and a small piece of cheese.
  • Lunch - fish soup.
  • Tea time - sea kale plus a slice of bread (total weight - no more than two hundred grams).
  • Dinner - baked pollock with potatoes in low-fat sour cream.
  • At bedtime - carrot juice (one glass).

Thursday to Sunday

We continue to get acquainted with this method of losing weight, like the diet “5 tablespoons”. The menu for the remaining four days is presented below.

  • Breakfast - minced beef, mixed with buckwheat, and tea.
  • The second breakfast is a salad made from apples and cabbage.
  • Lunch - Bulgarian pepper stuffed with beef and spices.
  • Snack - nuts, dried fruits and kefir.
  • Dinner - steamed pieces of beef, vegetable salad, seasoned with soy sauce.
  • Before bedtime - pomegranate juice (glass).
  • Breakfast - apple pancakes with oatmeal.
  • The second breakfast is any salad (“Olivier”, “Caesar”, “Garnet bracelet”).
  • Lunch - chicken soup with broccoli.
  • Safe, - Milk-banana cocktail.
  • Dinner - boiled chicken, mashed potatoes and butter on skimmed milk.
  • At bedtime - apricot juice (one glass).
  • Breakfast - a small slice of cake or marmalade, low-fat milk or herbal tea.
  • The second breakfast - apple puree and kefir.
  • Lunch - sweet pumpkin casserole.
  • Safe, - jelly from berries.
  • Dinner - salad made from canned pineapple, pomegranate and kiwi.
  • Bedtime - berry drink.
  • Breakfast - semolina plus one teaspoon of jam.
  • The second breakfast - berry-banana cocktail.
  • Lunch - pasta with vegetables and shrimps.
  • Dinner - sea cabbage or boiled squids.
  • Before going to bed - a glass of compote.

Now you know the menu of the method of losing weight “5 tablespoons”. Diet will help achieve the desired results. If you wish, you can change the diet, include other products and dishes, but try to make it a healthy food.

How the body gets used

Of course, many are interested to know how to lose weight. That's about it and talk.

  • The first week is the hardest. There is a restructuring of the body, the stomach is still the same size, constantly there is a feeling of hunger. The goal of this period is not to break. If you behave correctly, then in seven days it can take from three to five kilograms.
  • Echoing the week - the body is accustomed to a new power system. During this period, according to women, an improvement in general well-being when using the “5 tablespoons” method begins to be felt. Diet (description of the diet above) allows you to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition. The stomach is smaller, thanks to this the feeling of hunger is not felt, there is a surge of strength and lightness in the body. In weight, up to seven pounds is lost.
  • The third week - the work of the gastrointestinal tract is tuned, the body receives the necessary nutrients. During this period, it can take up to ten kilograms.
  • Fourth week - you can celebrate the victory.

How and what happened

Let's find out what people think that the “5 tablespoons” diet helped. Before and after it, they look completely different.

Adhere to this program, not only women but also men. All their statements boil down to the fact that the huge weight with which they lived for many years, began to leave. The most important thing in this whole event is to hold on for the first week, then it becomes easier. Those who succeeded, lost more than twenty kilograms in a month. Life has changed, as if all the bad things had gone away with excess weight: more strength and energy appeared, again I wanted to create and dare, my health condition improved.

Women losing weight through this program maintain a strong half of humanity. They emphasize that after a meal you should not drink liquid. If you do not follow this rule, the stomach will not decrease. If you use the diet “5 tablespoons”, you can drink broth. It will be considered the main course.

How to live in the future

Perhaps this is one of the questions that interests all dieters. At the moment, we can say that this way of losing weight is not a diet, but a way of life. Proper nutrition has not been canceled. Continue to stick with it. Do not exceed the amount of food eaten at one time. Let it remain, as before, two hundred grams. Do not give up your habit to which you have been walking for so long. Do not forget that there are foods that burn fats. They can be used in the afternoon, at night and during the reception of the main dishes. And do not forget about the liquid, adhering to the technique of “5 tablespoons” (diet). “How to drink water?” - this question may interest you. The answer is simple: in unlimited quantities, but separately from meals.

As for physical exertion, you should not give up on them. After all, there is one formula to look beautiful:

  • proper nutrition + exercise + good mood = happy person.

A few more reviews

I tried it myself - tell your friends. That's why - a few more reviews about the diet. It is no secret that there are days when you have to break the diet. But, from the words "violators", you can deviate. However, do not abuse this. Even those who use hormones can boast of their weight loss. For the year goes up to ten pounds.

You can hear from losing weight by this method and the following statement: the diet “5 tablespoons” is appealing because you don’t have to constantly weigh everything. Measuring with a spoon is much more convenient than turning to the scales each time.

We learn what nutritionists think about the method of "5 tablespoons." They advise losing weight not to go to extremes. If two hundred grams seem to you a tiny portion, then increase it, but try not to overeat. Then every day, gradually reduce the amount of food until you reach the treasured five spoons. Thus, your body does not get much stress.


A diet of “5 tablespoons” is a well-balanced diet that helps to effectively reduce weight. All those who have adopted this technique may have to adhere to it all their life, sometimes (on holidays) breaking it. Only to abuse violations is not worth it, it will be very difficult to go back. The stomach every time will become more and more. Portions will also increase.

This technique is considered one of the best, it helps to change eating habits and learn not to overeat. You can sit on a diet for a long time, but if you decide to give it up, then increase the amount of food consumed at one meal gradually.

Before you give preference to one or another diet, think about whether it will suit you. And in the future will not return those extra pounds back with "friends."