Keratin is basically a protein, the same as protein. It is the most important component in the structure of the hair. It is he who gives hair a natural shine, makes them strong and resilient. With an obvious shortage of keratin, dehydration of hair occurs, they become dry and brittle. Therefore, with the resulting shortage of keratin protein, shampoos with keratin should be used to restore health and beauty of hair.

5 reasons to use shampoo with keratin

Shampoos containing keratin are a guarantee of healthy and beautiful hair

The most advanced novelty of world manufacturers of many cosmetic companies were shampoos with keratin. By its composition, keratin is a natural protein with a complex structure. It is this protein that up to eighty percent is filled with human hair. Keratin, having a very high mechanical resistance and strength, is responsible for the strength of the hair, its volume and natural natural shine.

Shampoos, which include keratin, not only perfectly clean the surface of the hair, but through the open cuticle of each hair helps penetrate the keratin deep inside the follicle.

Composition of shampoo with keratin

Shampoos with keratin are produced by almost all leading cosmetic brands. They differ not only in price parameters, but also in the speed and effectiveness of the result of exposure to hair. In many respects it depends on what is included in the shampoo.

Most shampoos of the leading branded cosmetics manufacturers contain two main elements that are interrelated in their chemical structure - ceramides and prokeratins, which help not only to restore hair quickly, but also help them acquire strength and shine.

With regular use of keratin shampoos restore the balance of lipids in the hair, saturate them with moisture. All this is due to keratin by natural way without the use of environmentally harmful substances, such as sulfates, parabens or formaldehydes.

Many mistakenly believe that the production of shampoos based on keratin uses the so-called horse keratin. In fact, the substance for cosmetic use receives their sheep wool. Sometimes manufacturers of shampoos in their composition, in addition to keratin directly, adds horse fat.

The advantages and disadvantages of shampoos with keratin

Is shampoo really good with keratin? Reviews about him, mostly positive. Since keratin is a complex protein protein, its main function is to fill the voids in the hair that arise during the process of peeling and dying off of the scales. It restores the surface of the hair, makes it smooth, and the hair itself is elastic.

When using keratin shampoos, we should not forget that the main function of any shampoo is removing the accumulated dirt and fat residues from the hair. Therefore, it should be noted that to obtain a full result of using only shampoos with keratin is not enough, since in this case keratin does not penetrate into the hair in sufficient quantity. The correct and desired result can be achieved only if shampoo with keratin will be used in conjunction with other cosmetic products for hair care. It can be air conditioners, sprays, balms or hair masks, which also includes keratin in the form of whole (undigested) molecules of this protein.

What are keratin shampoos?

When buying shampoo with keratin for hair, be sure to pay attention not only to the presence of pro-keratin itself, which is present only as a useful additive, but also for the whole composition, since the main effect of any hair is the washing formula of the shampoo.

The bulk economy shampoos inherently contain sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate. This is a surfactant (PVA), which actively and well cleanses the hair of dirt and fat accumulation, but can greatly dehydrate the scalp and make it dry. To avoid this problem, you can use a softer option - shampoos that do not contain aggressive sulfates. They are especially suitable for those who have fragile and dry hair.

Still it is possible to allocate in this category shampoos-conditioners with keratin and proteins. Although they are less effective than professional and specialized shampoos, they have a softer detergent composition and are multifunctional.

Complexes with keratin shampoos

For the fastest and most effective hair restoration, in addition to the shampoo itself with keratin, other cosmetic products for hair containing keratin must be used in the complex. All the leading manufacturers of shampoos with keratin recommend buying revitalizing hair masks. They in a short time restore the original structure of the hair, nourish and intensively moisten the curls, giving them an optimal appearance.

It is worth paying attention to professional shampoos, conditioners, rinses, conditioners and hair masks, which are recommended for regular and effective hair care. In particular, it is worth paying attention to the shampoo "Keratin Complex". This cosmetic for hair based on keratin has an advantage over similar to it, as its composition includes complex stimulators of hair growth. These are all kinds of extracts of medicinal plants, microelements, groups of vitamins and essential oils.

How to use keratin shampoo

The principle of using shampoos with keratin is the same as that of ordinary shampoos. The only exception is the time of exposure. According to general recommendations, shampoo with keratin should be sustained after applying to the hair for five to seven minutes. This time is quite enough to achieve the expected effect. After washing off the shampoo, it is desirable to apply a restoring mask or lotion with keratin to the hair. Such a full and complex care will restore damaged hair and provide them with strength, shine and a great appearance. It is worth paying attention to the shampoo "The Power of Keratin" from Schauma. This shampoo is intended for frequent washing of hair, therefore it can be used daily.

5 reasons to use shampoo with keratin

So, without any exaggeration, we can say that keratin, in its effect and its composition, is a natural building material for our hair. It is the basis of hair and it gives hair strength, shine, elasticity and elasticity. The use of keratin shampoos for structural hair restoration has a number of undoubted advantages:

  • at first,  such cosmetics for hair care, like shampoos with keratin, are affordable;
  • secondly. The procedure for using shampoos with keratin is simple, painless and safe;
  • third,  similar cosmetic products are certified and have passed all clinical and hygienic studies;
  • fourthly,  the duration of the effect of using shampoos with keratin can last from three months to six months;
  • fifthly,  at home use saves time.