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First Reich

This review will explore the meaning of the Reich concept. The history of the first Reich, the Holy Roman Empire, is considered in most detail.

Orion's belt in the sky

The winter sky in the Northern Hemisphere is no less curious for astronomers than the summer one. It is during this period that a large number of bright enough stars is available for observation. One of the most noticeable celestial patterns in the cold season is the constellation Orion. It occupies a vast area and is well known due to several bright luminaries in its composition, as well as recognizable form. One of the main "attractions" of the constellation is Orion's asterism belt.

Natalya Bestemyanova: biography and personal life

“A woman is a fragile creature that should be weak. For me, this state is a luxury, ”the Olympic champion admits. Although, it would seem, Natalia has a happy marriage and a wonderful husband, next to whom you can allow yourself to relax. But not in the nature of the athlete - calm and inaction.

Overpressure relief valve for water, air

Why does the heating system need an overpressure relief valve? The principle of operation and the device valve. Which valve is applicable in a particular system with a specific type of boiler? Rules for the installation of a protective valve. Where are the air pressure relief valves installed?

Turbojet engine yesterday and today

The turbojet engine is one of the most important mechanisms that was invented in the twentieth century. Let's talk about what accompanied this discovery, what are the models of this device today and whether it is possible to make it yourself.

Akhal-Teke horse: suit, photo

The Akhal-Teke horse is one of the most ancient riding thoroughbred horse breeds. More than five thousand years ago, it was bred by representatives of peoples living in the territory of modern Turkmenistan, and played a significant role in the formation of such elite riding breeds as the English racing, Don, Trakehner and several others.

Collar Trench for newborns: reviews

No newborn child is immune from the occurrence of complications during labor. The most common type of injury at birth is damage to the cervical vertebra. In this case, it is necessary to take urgent measures to exclude complications and disability of the baby. In the event of such damage, the doctor will prescribe the wearing of the collar of the Trench for newborns.

OK - how's that? Meaning and synonyms

We often hear: “Normal!” This has become customary, but what does an adverb mean? It is pronounced so often and in different contexts that the meaning could be lost in all this diversity. Let's talk about the norm in the personal and social sense, but let's start with the linguistic layer.

Admiral Kuznetsov (aircraft carrier): characteristics

The doctrine of the Russian Navy is such that it practically does not provide for the use of aircraft carriers. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main factors is the enormous financial costs of maintaining such vessels. During the USSR, the first steps were taken along the way of their creation, but the only ship of this class in our country is the Admiral Kuznetsov.

Prayer of Saint Panteleimon for Healing

There comes a time in the life of every person when he is especially in need of help and support, advice and blessing of Heavenly Forces. Most often, such tests are connected with the problems of the health of one’s own or close ones, therefore people address prayer appeals to Saint Agapit of Pechersk, Panteleimon the Healer. It is from these saints that they are most often asked for healing.

Inosine pranobex: instructions for use, analogs, reviews

Why and in what dosage “Inosine Pranobex” is prescribed? Instructions for use of this immunostimulating drug are described in detail in the materials of this article. You can find out if the medicine has analogues, side effects, and contraindications. Reviews of real patients are also presented here.

Why dream of a bat: different interpretations

If you are among the fans of horror movies about vampires, then surely you never tormented by the question of what dream of a bat. What you see in a dream is perceived solely as an impression from a recent viewing. Those who are not keen on this genre of cinema will be very curious to know the interpretation of sleep.

Peat as a fertilizer

Under natural conditions, peat is formed in the marshlands, in areas with high humidity and difficult access of air. Since it contains about 60% of carbon, it is also used as a fuel.

General information about the country: the area of ​​France, geographical location and population

France is a powerful, economically developed republic located in Europe. Since 1871 this country has been democratic, the head of government is the president. The terrain in France is diverse: high mountains stretch from the south-west to the south-east (the Pyrenees and the Alps), plains lie in the west and north of the country, and a plateau and middle-high mountains are located in the center.

Shar Pei dogs: description, character

Shar Pei is a very funny dog ​​with small folds on his body. But in reality, this breed is the real heroes who fearlessly survived the famine, the medieval Chinese wars and the communist repressions in the 40s of the last century.

Teeth, cermet: reviews and service life

Today, artificial teeth can be inserted from a variety of materials to a patient. Metal ceramics is the most popular of them. This is a modern orthopedic construction in the form of crowns and bridges. It is a metal base, repeating the shape of a tooth, covered with a thin ceramic layer.

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